Outsourcing social media management to save time and money

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Many businesses don’t have the resources to manage their social media themselves, so outsourcing is a good solution.

As a business matures, it might need to outsource services to stay ahead of its competitors. Partnering with a social media management agency allows a company to use different channels and expertise to assure a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

Social media management can be a time-consuming and costly task if done in-house. Social media management outsourcing can save time and money. Although many online tools can help manage a social media account, compelling content still needs to be brainstormed, created and approved before using one.

This blog outlines and explores the benefits of outsourcing social media marketing.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of managing many social media platform accounts.

There are many supporting tools, including Hootsuite, SocialBee, and Sprout Social. These tools allow users to manage their entire social media presence from one location. They also offer features such as scheduling a social media post, monitoring followers, and collecting data about social media engagement. But the content still has to be produced.

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Why outsource social media management?

There are several reasons why a business might want to outsource social media management.

The business might not have the time or resources to manage its social media accounts.

Another reason is that a company may have a limited budget and can’t afford to hire someone full-time or even part-time. Outsourcing the management of social media accounts can save money while still maintaining a high level of engagement with followers.

The benefits of outsourcing social media management

There are several benefits to outsourcing social media management.

One advantage is that a business can free up time to focus on other tasks.

Another benefit is getting help with managing social media accounts from an experienced agency. The agency can help with content creation and effective digital marketing campaigns, monitor the performance of posts, and collect data about social media engagement.

Outsourcing social media management can be cost-effective in improving online presence and growing the business.

Save time

Saving time is usually the number one reason why businesses outsource work.

Social media requires constant attention and isn’t simply just about posting social media content. It’s about planning content and engaging strategically with the target audience.

Outsourcing social media management gives businesses more time to focus on other vital parts of their operation. By outsourcing social media activity to a social media marketing agency, a company can dedicate time to other tasks. A social media marketing agency will take on producing, scheduling and uploading, analysing and monitoring as required.

For Cada Special Media, depending on the client’s package, they get regular calls and reports to go over their active campaigns. And “creative” calls to go over the marketing strategy for that month or quarter and see how we can help them implement those ideas into an effective social media campaign.

Saving time

Save money

Replacing personnel and training comes with many costs.

It can be challenging to retain full-time or part-time marketing staff. They can, but not always, find a lack of diversity in working within a single business.

Working with a social media marketing agency can reduce overall costs by eliminating staff training or recruiting new talent. In contrast, social media marketing agencies have a service ready for execution from month one.

The best marketing agencies move at pace and thoroughly, resulting in campaigns generating results in a short time frame.

At Cada Social Media, when we take on new clients, we become like an extended marketing team. We are driven to perform well without having to boost our motivation with incentives or bonuses.

Cutting costs

Partnering with specialists

Social Media Marketing is continuously evolving.

Outsourcing social media management allows a business to work with industry specialists. Employees at marketing agencies are specialists who work across diverse accounts, multiple industries, and brands and bring a broad spectrum of expertise. Therefore, social media outsourcing to an agency will reduce the need for a business to continually train an employee every time there is a new marketing must-have.

Agencies employ specialists with extensive knowledge and experience. They focus specifically on a target audience instead of capturing an entire country’s population, bringing high-quality potential leads that are the cornerstone of new customers. This brings higher conversion rates and sales growth.

As a result of their knowledge and expertise, the agency can develop high-quality creative content and monitor and analyse results and findings, quickly seeing if campaigns are working or need to be altered to achieve the campaign goal.

If you are around a business all the time, sometimes you are too close to the picture. Therefore, you could be overlooking crucial details that could make a difference in the company’s growth. By outsourcing, a business gains a fresh perspective and awareness of the social media marketing strategy through a new pair of eyes that can spark insightful details to generate more income.

Cada Social Media will start with clients by conducting an audit; this will show areas that are doing well and identify errors and areas to improve.

New creative content

When you work for the business and have done it for a long time, it can be challenging to see things from the perspective of a potential new customer. A marketing agency can take time to know the brand and business while adding that new perspective.

Outsourcing social media management brings fresh eyes and ideas to campaigns, boosting reach and engagement.

As marketing agencies deal with various clients in different sectors, they bring experience, knowledge, and new creative ideas and content to campaigns. Agencies will also be aware of emerging marketing trends, forecast upcoming trends in the sector, and brainstorm new ideas.

Analysis and reporting

In house marketing teams can put reporting and analysing campaigns on the back burner if they are busy. It’s that time thing again!

An excellent social media management agency has systems to monitor timelines, budgets and deliverables. One of their main goals for an agency is to improve client ROI.

This is why at Cada Social Media, we go the extra mile to maintain transparency with clients when reporting.

Cada Social Media brings what is working well and what is not working in the social media strategy by providing clients with reports and data. We will not just show this information, but if something isn’t working, we will provide thoughts on how to improve it.

Social media engagements

How to choose a social media marketing agency?

To get the most out of an agency partnership, focus on finding an agency best suited for achieving specific business goals. There are a few key areas to focus on when choosing an agency:

  • experience with social media marketing
  • ability to meet company social media needs and goals
  • the overall quality of work
  • the capability to provide the services
  • are they affordable
  • are they passionate about helping a business succeed
  • are they a culture fit with the business

When a marketing agency aligns, you’re probably onto a winner.

How much does it cost to outsource social media management?

You need to know whether the social media agency is affordable, i.e. it’s in your price range, and it’s ok to ask how they came to their prices. There are many factors at play here – the service offered, their experience, prestige, location, etc.

However, keep in mind if the price aligns with the provided value. If an agency is suspiciously cheap and promises the world for pennies, it’s best to avoid them. You’re likely not to get the care, support and deliverables needed to achieve the business goals.

Cada Social Media provides a range of plans, from awareness, through business growth and forward to business acceleration.


Outsourcing social media management can save time and money. But ensure you choose a reputable company that provides quality services.

Many businesses don’t recognise the full power that social media marketing has; if neglected, companies will risk falling behind their competitors. Why spend time going through different marketing campaigns with little results? Getting a professional social media marketing agency on board will do this work for you and achieve better results.

When hiring a social media management agency, you’re assuring an investment is in the right place.

The marketing agency will solely focus on making sure you get more business and the results. Saving time and money while growing the company with a social media expert on board will increase the Return on Investment (ROI). And the talent in the agency will ensure the investment isn’t futile.

Outsourcing to a marketing agency allows a business to onboard a highly skilled and experienced marketing team to implement and monitor social media marketing campaigns. And also bring fresh talent to rejuvenate and grow brand awareness.

Cada Social Media

Cada Social Media are social media management agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cada Social Media ensure we fully understand the business before developing a strategy and look for ways to ensure the brand’s social media visibility by accurately targeting potential customers to help put the company ahead of the competition. We help our clients improve their visibility online and increase traffic and inbound leads they get through their website using social media. The social media marketing strategies and campaigns we implement will increase sales opportunities, resulting in a more profitable business.

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If you need support or advice with social media marketing services, Cada Social Media can help; just contact us.

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